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Connection Templates are a feature in Aginity Premium designed to standardize the process of connecting to a particular database for groups of users. Our templates are exactly what the word means. They incorporate all the information required to connect to a database, except for the Username and Password (or other sensitive details).


  1. The primary people responsible for creating Connection Templates are administrators. They will give each template a unique name and include all the information needed to establish a connection to your database.
  2. To get started, click on the Administration tab ⇨ choose Manage Connection Templates, and you will be redirected to the Connection Templates pop-up.


  1. You will see a list of the existing templates and an option to add a New Connection Template with your own settings. Click the (➕) icon next to the Connection Templates header and select the needed database.
  2. With Aginity Premium, you can create connection templates for a variety of the most popular databases:

🔎 TIP:  Each Connection Template must have a unique name.

  1. In a New Connection Template dialog, either check the Share Sensitive Data box or uncheck it. If you choose to share the Username and Password, it will make them available for use, but the sensitive information will not be visible to the user. It just creates a shared service account.
  2. Using the fields Available Consumers and Assigned Consumers, an Administrator can authorize users or user groups to view and use particular Connection Templates.



  1. Creating a new connection in seconds


Aginity Premium's great benefit is that it lets you create new Connections with databases based on the Connection Templates to which you're granted access permission.

If an Administrator chose not to share sensitive data, you'd need to add your Username and Password. Other fields pre-filled by an Administrator will be disabled for editing.

  1. Setting up pre-established conditions with scripts

The Pre-Execution Script feature allows your Administrator to set specific conditions for a connection to run as a script before users start a session. Bear in mind that when your Administrator adds a script, you will not be able to edit it.  

🔎 NOTE: You can't copy or delete a Connection Template.


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