Redshift: Platform-specific Features


Amazon Redshift Data Share

We are excited to support the Redshift Data Share feature. This capability enables cross-database and cross-cluster data sharing. You can securely and easily share live data between your Redshift clusters. Amazon Redshift Data Share provides granular, instant, and high-performance data access within clusters without the need to copy or move it manually. With live access to all your data, you'll always see only up-to-date, consistent information updated in the data warehouse.

  • On the PRODUCER CLUSTER, for each database, you'll be able to create data share using third-party syntax; see the DATASHARE container object with leaves for any added objects included both shared table objects and also remote consumers.
  • On the CONSUMER CLUSTER, you'll be able to create a database over shared data using third-party syntax; see remote data shares at the cluster level, with leaves for the data objects.

🔎 TIP: Check Amazon's article about data sharing for more information

Amazon Redshift ML

Amazon also released a unique feature - Redshift ML. With it, you can easily create, train, and deploy machine learning models using SQL commands. Aginity also supports this functionality.


  • You can now see available ML models straight from the database object tree
  • Right-click on the proper objects to invoke the Show Model action and check the model's details in the output panel

🔎 TIP: Check Amazon's article about Redshift ML for details


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