Snowflake: Platform-specific Features

Snowflake External Tables

You probably know that Snowflake provides general availability for the External Tables. Aginity supports this feature. Using External Tables, you'll be able to handle the challenges of augmenting existing data lakes and running ad-hoc analytics via queries. 

🔎 TIP: Check Snowflake's article about the External Tables feature for more information

Snowflake: External Tasks as Database Objects and DDL

We also now support Snowflake Tasks.  

You'll be able to see Tasks and their hierarchy in Aginity's Database Explorer. You can schedule your Tasks to independently execute single SQL statements, including calls to stored procedures. Or use them to generate periodic reports by inserting and merging rows into a report table. What's more, you can combine Tasks with table streams to ensure continuous ELT workflows and quickly process recently changed table rows.

🔎 TIP: Check the Tasks feature in the Snowflake's documentation for details


Snowflake SAML 2.0     

Yes, we support this one too. Aginity continuously builds new features for our wide Snowflake user community to improve your analytics journey further. So, from now on, you'll be able to use SAML 2.0 IdP authentication in our application.

🔎 TIP: Check the Snowflake's documentation for details on the Federated Authentication & SSO

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