Viewing user query history

The application keeps a history of your queries issued from the current workstation.

To view the history, click View User Query History in the top menu or use the Alt+H keyboard shortcut.

The User Query History window is displayed after that. The main workspace of the window initially contains a list that represents all user queries issued from your current workstation. When a history record is highlighted, you can see the full query at the bottom of the window.

Use the filtering fields on the top to filter the list by specific criteria. Using the Find field, you can also filter out records that contain specific text.

To sort the list by a specific column in ascending or descending order, click the column header once or twice.

Note that the query history is kept on the local computer. To find it, see the article here.

The number of records in the history is defined in the application settings. To set this number, click Tools Options in the top menu, go to Query Analyzer Defaults settings section and enter the desired value under Keep [number] user queries in history.

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    Berger, Chuck

    Can the location the user query history is stored be customized?

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    Berger, Chuck

    Can a sql query be removed from the user history? In particular, I use alter user to change my password. If I bring up user query history with others watching, they can see my new password. I would like to remove that statement from the history file.

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