Quickly executing queries and sets of queries in Query Analizer

In the Query menu, you have several options of executing a query or a set of queries:
  • Execute (F5)
    Executes the current query. A semicolon ( ; ) is used as the query delimiter.

  • Execute All (Shift+F5)
    Executes all the selected queries or all the queries if there is no selection in the active SQL editor window.

  • Execute as Single Batch (Ctrl+F5)
    Executes the selected text as a single batch—without splitting it into individual SQL statements separated with a semicolon; executes all the text in the active SQL editor if there is no text selected.

  • Execute in Selected Databases
    Prompts for a list of databases to execute the active or selected statements in. SYSTEM and MASTER_DB are not included in lists of user databases.
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