Database Grouping in Workbench

There is a little used tool in Aginity Workbench that allows the user to organize databases visually to make it easier to navigate a database server with multiple databases.  This tool is called “Database Grouping”.

Access this feature with menu “View/Database Grouping”

  • /None – Turns of grouping for the current session
  • /Select – Provides a menu of the groupings available
  • /Manage database groups – Create/configure database groupings

Cool features to note:

  • You can define multiple ways of grouping databases (groupings) and change sets depending on how you want databases grouped for the current task.
  • Database grouping sets are saved as part of the connection configuration (workbench connection dialog box), but if you copy a configuration, all database sets form the original configuration are copied to the new one.
  • Check out the “is Default” check box. If you save a grouping with this selected then whenever you launch workbench and use the current connection configuration your databases will be grouped from the beginning.
  • The “Show all databases” option is really powerful.  It has the obvious effect that it lets you see all databases, even those that are already assigned to a group.  The less obvious effect is you can then add the same database to multiple groups – creating a really flexible organization.
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