Changing the tab color on Workbench 4.3 by Adjusting Windows Themes

Aginity Workbench 4.3 and Windows Classic Theme


If you use Aginity Workbench 4.3 and your Windows Theme is Windows Classic, you may have some issues with header visibility on inactive tabs (the font color may blend into the tab color entirely, effectively making it invisible).


Although we are working on a longer-term fix, as a workaround, you can change the color of the font to black.


1. Right-click on an empty space on the Windows desktop and click Personalize.

2. Click on the Window Color link at the bottom of the window.

3. Click on the Advanced Appearance Settings link.

4. The UI element you want to change the font for is called Inactive Title Bar. Select it.

5. Click on the Color drop-down menu and select Black as the color of the font.

6. Click on the Active Title Bar element to select it.

7. Click on the Color drop-down menu and select Black as the color of the font.

8. Click OK.

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