Document of Short Cut Keys

Attached is a document giving you a reference to the shortcut keys for Workbench.



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    Prashanth Nair

    how can i change the shortcut keys to fit my needs?ctrl+U to change to lowercase is somewhat bizarre.

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    Jesse MacNett

    Any news on Prashanth's question?  I run a number of other programs that have conflicting keystroke combinations w/ Aginity workbench for redshift, and it would be excellent if there was a way to reassign what keystroke does what (in particular, Ctrl-Alt-C and Ctrl-Alt-U are problematic).

    Any plans for this?  Did i somehow miss the UI to do this in the options menu?


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    Eli Weine

    Hello, at this time there is no way to reassign the Workbench keyboard shortcuts.  There are currently no plans for this functionality. If this is an important feature to you, please create a feature request ticket to implement this functionality in a future version of the product.  Feature requests can be created by following the Submit a request link in the upper right-hand corner of the Help Center.  Thanks in advance!

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