Clean up the Object Browser Using Database Grouping and Entity Filters

Perhaps you want to block out the “noise” from your Aginity Workbench to focus your work on a select group of databases or even a select group of schemas or tables?  The database grouping and entity filter functionality of Workbench allows a user to accomplish these objectives.  See below for examples.  

Although the below examples are for Aginity Workbench for Netezza, this functionality applies to other Wokrbench platforms as well.

 Use Case 1:

There are many databases on the server, but I want to easily find the relevant databases in my UI.  My relevant databases are:


Use Case 2:

I want to display only the tables that start with ‘FB%’ inside any database in my object browser to assist me doing my fantasy baseball analysis.

Step 1:

Create a database grouping called “My Databases”.  This is a top-level grouping that can contain many sub-groups.



The database sub-groups “Data” and “System” will now show in the UI as separate nodes. All other databases you have access to will still be included in the object browser under the “Uncategorized” node.


Step 2:

Create an Entity Filter "Fantasy Baseball" to only display objects with a name starting with ‘FB%’



Step 3:

Display the database grouping defined in the “My Databases” database grouping.



Step 4:

Filter the objects defined in the “Fantasy Baseball” filter in all databases.






Please note it is not necessary to create database groupings in order to implement the entity filters.  Each feature can be used independently.

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