How to remove the 1000 row limit from Aginity Workbench

To remove the 1000 row limit of your query set, simply visit the Tools -> Options menu and click on the result set options.  You can change the default to another number or use 0 to include all rows.

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    vineet paladi

    Great Help!!!my team was looking for this since months.

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    Hi I'm having now row limit problem though I tried this above solution.

    I can't set a number over than 100,000.

    For example, I tried to input 1,000, 000 in this row limit window, but it changed my input into 100,000 automatically.

    Also I tried to push the up arrow button next to input column, but it did not work counting more than 100,000.

    This column refusing more than 100, 000.


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    Sri Sivani Charan Yalamanchi

    I have had the same issue. I could not set the limit more than 100,000. Is there a way to increase the limit beyond 100,000?

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    Elena Knetl

    The maximum limit is 100,000, if you put in 0 that makes it unlimited.

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