Aginity Workbench for PureData System for Analytics 4.4 Release Notes

Aginity Workbench for PureData System for Analytics provides new functionality and improvements in stability and quality of the software over previous versions. These release notes summarize the new features and changes that apply to version 4.4.

What's New?

  • Aginity Workbench now supports IBM Fluid Query. Fluid Query helps you to directly query data on Hadoop clusters (using Hive, Big SQL, or Impala) and bring data from Hadoop to Netezza.
  • A built-in Workbench SQL Formatter is available in Workbench. In addition to using the built-in Workbench SQL Formatter, users can provide an alternative Windows Executable or .NET Assembly formatter. They can do so in Application Options > SQL Formatters

Technical Details and Changes

This section contains details of specific functions and changes that are included in Aginity Workbench 4.4.

Upgrading from Prior Versions

Workbench automatically checks for new updates and displays a dialog box if an update is available. In the dialog box, select Install this update now to download and install the update.

You can also choose to postpone installation of the update until the next time you run Workbench or suppress the update alert.

You can also check for updates manually by clicking Check for Updates on the Help menu and then install an available update by following the instructions in a wizard.

Hardware and Software Support

Aginity Workbench has been tested against NPS version 7.0.4 (P-1). No significant issues have been reported thus far with the use of Workbench on NPS versions and NPS Certification for these versions is coming up.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or later
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • ODBC (recommended) or OleDB driver. (Drivers must be 64-bit for 64-bit Windows or 32-bit for 32-bit Windows.)
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Disk space: 100 MB, plus any necessary space for .NET Framework and Windows Installer

Full List of Changes Since Aginity Workbench 4.3

New Features

Reference Summary
APD-6844 An option for ignoring SQL errors. Select Continue on error in the Query Options dialog box.
APD-8025 Support for the ReclaimNode, ReorgStatsNode, ReorgPrepNode, and ReorgMergeNode node types was added for parsing a Netezza Query Plan file. These node types are typically encountered in a GROOM TABLE plan.
WPD-93, WPD-41 You have a Fluid Query interface available in Workbench to access data on Hadoop server and transfer data from Hadoop.
WPD-1 A simple SQL format tool is available.

Bug Fixes in Build 4.4.2183

Severity Reference Description Existed Since Version Resolution
Major APD-8795 After import from a JSON file that contains a dataset, only one record is added for the entire dataset. 4.3 Fixed. Data imported from a JSON file is now parsed into the correct number of records.
Major APD-8086 A flat data structure is incorrectly parsed after import from a JSON file. 4.3 Fixed. A flat structure is parsed into the correct number of records after import.
Major APD-7747 During import from an external Oracle, Teradata, or MS SQL Server database, a user attempts to save a specified user name and password in the Connect to Database dialog box, but the provided credentials are reset to the default values for that type of database. As a result, the user cannot connect to the database. 4.3 Fixed.
Moderate WPD-160 A bug occurs when a user creates an auxiliary Workbench stored procedure in a schema whose name uses case different from the default system case in Netezza. 4.2 Fixed.
Moderate APD-6822 A DATE column from an Excel spreadsheet is imported into Workbench as an INTEGER column. 4.3 Fixed.
Moderate APD-7787 When a user edits a stored procedure, the schema name is not included in the stored procedure name. 4.3 Fixed.
Moderate APD-5202 When a user exports data using the Copy to Clipboard feature in the Export Data window, the SELECT AS statement shows up before the CREATE statement in the SQL code generated for the exported data. 4.3 Fixed. The CREATE statement is correctly shown before the SELECT AS statement.
Moderate APD-7280 When attempting to execute DDL to the script window for a table, an error message is displayed when the table being used was not present (it had been deleted) and the table metadata had not been refreshed. The error message itself, reading “Unable to object a list of columns for a table. It might be deleted or you might not have enough permissions.” does not make the suggestion to refresh the table listing. 4.3 Fixed.
Moderate APD-8630 When imported from an Excel sheet into Workbench, text fields show up as DECIMAL(3) columns. 4.3 Fixed. Text columns are correctly shown as VARCHAR after import.
Minor WPD-88 Typo in the Restore Connections dialog box. 4.0 Fixed.
Minor WPD-119 An issue with opening a user query history file created in a 32-bit version of Workbench in a 64-bit operating system. 4.2 Fixed.
Minor APD-6925 Unable to generate a script with INSERT statements if a target table contains data in a column of INTERVAL type. 4.3 Fixed.
Minor WPD-47 The SUM() function in Workbench returns a value with an incorrect decimal precision. 4.3 Fixed.
Minor APD-8471 The entity list in the Object Browser is not refreshed after a user creates a new object (for example, a table) and then selects an appropriate refresh command on the Object menu (for example, "Refresh table list"). 4.3 Fixed.

Known Issues in Build 4.4.2183

Severity Reference Description Workaround
Major APD-5627 When importing DB2 tables from an external database, an error may occur indicating that Length cannot be less than zero. Install the DB2 client on the client machine so you can successfully connect to a DB2 database.
Major APD-6627 When importing data that includes dates from Excel using the Data Import Wizard, the Data Import Wizard fails to properly identify dates automatically and fails to load dates when manually configured to do so. Set the column in Excel to text instead of date so you can load the data.
Moderate APD-766 The order of objects in Object Explorer is incorrect if the list contains both case-sensitive and case-insensitive object names and Quoted Identifier is unchecked. N/A
Moderate APD-1939 A DDL (delta) script generated by the Compare Schemas tool fails with an error if the same table in the source and target schemas contains a foreign key to different tables.  The error occurs because when applying the foreign-key update to the target schema, the script first drops the old referenced table in the target schema and then attempts to drop the foreign key to the previously dropped table. Choose one of the following two workarounds, depending on whether you prefer to generate one or two delta scripts.

Workaround 1: Generate one delta script

  1. Open the source and target schemas in the Compare Schemas window.
  2. Click the appropriate Alter Script button to initiate script generation.
  3. In the Generate Delta Script Options window, under Entities to Script, select the Drop these entities check box and select appropriate check boxes under Create these entities and Modify these entities.
  4. Save the generated script to a file.
  5. Locate the DROP TABLE statements within the script and move them to the end.

    This will ensure that the foreign key is dropped before the old referenced table.

  6. Run the script against the target schema.

Workaround 2: Generate two delta scripts

  1. Open the source and target schemas in the Compare Schemas window.
  2. Click the appropriate Alter Script button to initiate script generation.
  3. In the Generate Delta Script Options window, under Entities to Script, clear the Drop these entities check box to not drop any tables, and select appropriate check boxes under Create these entities and Modify these entities.
  4. Save the generated script to a file.
  5. Generate a delta script for the schemas again, selecting the Drop these entities check box this time.
  6. Save the script to another file.
  7. First run the script file created in step 4 and then the one created in step 6.
Moderate APD-6590 When attempting to save a modified query set that was opened from a read-only file, the save does not work, but no error is given indicating why you could not save. Ensure you have write permissions to the query set file before saving.
Moderate APD-6633 When working with multiple schemas with views and tables that have the same name, the population of fields in the drop-down list does not respect the default schema selection. Avoid using the drop-down list when working with multiple schemas with duplicated view/table names.
Moderate APD-6835 When selecting vertical blocks of text (as opposed to full lines) and using the Make selection UPPER/lower case function, the selected text is shifted vertically. Manually adjust the lines.
Moderate APD-7121 If you have different connections open in two different tabs, if you close one of the tabs, toolbar buttons in the remaining tab disappear other than the Connect button. Open another connection to restore the buttons.
Moderate APD-5471 Installation of Workbench on Microsoft Server 2012 fails on the prerequisites. Do a "Add Features" for .NET 3.5 (which includes 2.0) in the Server Manager.
Moderate APD-5973 You cannot import from views when using the remote database import from Microsoft SQL. N/A
Minor APD-6163 In Standard mode in the Output area, some SQL statements are inadvertently omitted. However, they are correctly displayed in Grid mode. N/A
Minor APD-5972 The Connect to Microsoft SQL Server screen has a background graphic that is misaligned with the text and controls on the screen. Functionality is not affected. N/A
Trivial APD-3711 When the field type is Date, the year 0 (for example, 0000-01-01) causes an error “Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime.” Either cast the date as a VARCHAR or do not use the year 0.
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