Aginity Workbench for Hadoop 4.8 Release Notes

These release notes summarize the changes in Aginity Workbench for Hadoop version 4.8. The release notes also contain system requirements and list the known issues with the release.

What's New? (Also See Full List of Changes)

This section provides information about the main new features in version 4.8:

Technical Details and Changes

This section contains details of specific functions and changes that are included in Aginity Workbench 4.8.

Upgrading from Prior Versions

Workbench automatically checks for new updates and displays a dialog box if an update is available. In the dialog box, select Install this update now to download and install the update.

You can also choose to postpone installation of the update until the next time you run Workbench or suppress the update alert.

You can also check for updates manually by clicking Check for Updates on the Help menu and then install an available update by following the instructions in a wizard.

Hardware and Software Support

Aginity Workbench has been tested on Hive 1.1 (CDH 5.4), Hive 0.14, Hive 0.12, and Big SQL (BigInsights 3 and 4).

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or later
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • The IBM Data Server Driver Package is installed on your client computer (for Big SQL connections).
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Disk space: 100 MB, plus any necessary space for .NET Framework and Windows Installer

Full List of Changes Since Aginity Workbench 4.7

New Features in Aginity Workbench 4.8.x

The following table details the features that were added in Aginity Workbench 4.8.x.

Reference Version Added Summary
WPD-277 Aginity Workbench 4.8 The code autocompletion feature now supports functions.
WPD-562 Aginity Workbench 4.8 Hadoop systems secured by Kerberos are supported.

Bug Fixes in Build

Severity Reference Description Existed Since Version Resolution
Major APD-14333 With the query timeout set to longer than 120 seconds, Aginity Workbench times out on queries longer than 120 seconds in HTTP mode. 4.6 Fixed. Queries now run to completion on any timeout setting.
Minor APD-13878 An attempt to use the Re-check types option in the Data Import Wizard causes Aginity Workbench to crash. This occurs when the application is run on a Parallels Desktop for Mac virtual machine. 4.6 Fixed.
Minor APD-13462 Code snippets don't work in Aginity Workbench for PostgreSQL. 4.6 Code snippets now work properly.
Minor APD-14284 The connection timeout value that a user enters in the connection dialog box is not saved when the user reopens the application. 4.6 The connection timeout value entered by a user is properly preserved.

Bug Fixes in Build

Severity Reference Description Existed Since Version Resolution
Major WPD-632 Workbench does not inform users when it is not possible to save changes to a query set. 4.4 Users are now properly informed why changes to a query set cannot be saved.
Major WPD-618 Import into Workbench for Hive fails if a user chooses the BIGDECIMAL or NUMERIC data type for the import. These data types are present in Workbench but are not supported by Hive. 4.5 The BIGDECIMAL and NUMERIC data types were removed.
Major WPD-736 Workbench makes excessive attempts to connect to a target server if invalid credentials are provided by a user. 4.6 Workbench now makes fewer attempts to connect to a target server in this situation.
Major WPD-744 Using Ctrl + Page Down to create a tab in SQL Editor returns a gray read-only form. 4.7 The key combination Ctrl + Page Down is now used to switch between open tabs.
Moderate WPD-359 Import from a JSON file fails because of a data type inconsistency. 4.3 The data type detection algorithm was modified.
Moderate WPD-733, WPD-742 When a user attempts to create a stored procedure, an error "Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table" occurs. 4.7 Fixed.
Moderate WPD-773 When attempting to save a modified query set that was opened from a read-only file, the save does not work, but no error is given indicating why you could not save. 4.7 Fixed.
Moderate WPD-772 The order of objects in Object Explorer is incorrect if the list contains both case-sensitive and case-insensitive object names and Quoted Identifiers is unchecked. 4.7 Fixed.
Moderate WPD-703 A user with the required permissions is unable to display a list of user sessions. 4.7 Fixed.
Minor WPD-5 An error occurs during import from a CSV file because the application incorrectly determines data types in the file. 4.4 Fixed.
Minor WPD-737 The key combination Right Alt +4 does not work correctly on a Danish keyboard. 4.5 Fixed.
Minor WPD-739 The state of the query option "Enable Quick Info when the mouse hovers over a word in editor" is not preserved when a user exits Aginity Workbench. 4.7 Fixed.
Trivial WPD-775 The Connect to Microsoft SQL Server screen has a background graphic that is misaligned with the text and controls on the screen. Functionality is not affected. 4.3 Fixed.

Known Issues in Build

Severity Reference Description Workaround
Moderate WPD-348 When connected to the Hadoop cluster through Big SQL, a user attempts to insert data into an existing table, but the INSERT statement returns a message saying "0 rows affected" although the rows are in fact inserted. N/A
Moderate WPD-819 Generate Insert DML command (available from the Advanced menu) does not function for Hive tables. You will receive an error indicating the there was an error when compiling the statement. N/A
Trivial APD-3711 When the field type is Date, the year 0 (for example, 0000-01-01) causes an error “Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime.” Either cast the date as a VARCHAR or do not use the year 0.
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