Connecting to Hive with Cloudera Sentry Enabled

When making a connection, Workbench not only communicates with the HiveServer, but also connects directly to Hive Metastore. Direct access to Metastore is by default forbidden for public users when Sentry is enabled. Therefore you might see an error like below:


00000001 18:43:07.514: LEAVE: TSaslTransport.Open() 
00000001 18:43:07.514: Thrift: OpenSession() 
00000001 18:43:07.644: LEAVE: Db connection open. 
00000001 18:43:07.647: ERROR: 
Cannot read, Remote side has closed 
Type : Thrift.Transport.TTransportException 
Source : Aginity.MPP.Thrift 
Trace : at Aginity.MPP.Thrift.Sasl.TSaslTransport.Read(Byte[] buf, Int32 off, Int32 len) 
at Thrift.Transport.TTransport.ReadAll(Byte[] buf, Int32 off, Int32 len) 
at Thrift.Protocol.TBinaryProtocol.ReadI32() 
at Thrift.Protocol.TBinaryProtocol.ReadMessageBegin() 
at Aginity.MPP.Hive.Type1Helper_0_12.GetDatabases() 
at Aginity.MPP.Hive.HiveThriftSchemaHelper.GetDatabases(String nameMask, Boolean includeEntityCounts, Dictionary`2& dbSizes) 
at Aginity.MPP.Workbench.frmQueryAnalyzer.PopulateDatabases(Boolean refreshDatabases, Boolean connectToSystemDB, Boolean silent) 
00000001 18:43:08.773: Closing hs2 session...



Modify the configuration property hadoop.proxyuser.hive.groups in Cloudera Manager:

Add there the group name of users who want to use Workbench, or ‘*’ to allow direct access to the Metastore to everyone. It is not security issue, it just provides only readonly metadata, and it is needed for all applications, which access Metastore directly (Spark for example).

Affects versions:

Workbench for Hadoop

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