Connect Aginity Pro™ or Aginity Team™ to Hive with Kerberos Authentication

Kerberos must be installed and configured before you can use this authentication mechanism.

Below is an example connection screen connecting to a Kerberized Hive instance using the default Hive driver org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver v 1.2.1. Different drivers may have other requirements.

In this example, Kerberos is enabled for JDBC connections and the example values can be seen below.

  • The Kerberos Realm is AGINITY.LOCAL
  • The User is eweine@AGINTIY.LOCAL (@REALM is required)
  • The Host for the data source is evdp-lnx-hdp006.aginity.local
  • The server is listening on port 10000 for JDBC connections



Check the "Use Kerberos for authentication" box to reveal the Realm, Host FQDN, and Service Name text boxes.

In this example, Kerberos is enabled for JDBC connections and the example Kerberos values can be seen below.

  • The (Kerberos) Realm is AGINITY.LOCAL
  • The Host FQDN (the fully qualified domain name of the Kerberos Distribution Center or KDC) is ads04.aginity.local
  • The (Kerberos) Service name is Hive

If your driver needs more properties, they can be added in the Advanced Properties section.


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