Error with Aginity Pro when Opening Hive DB Explorer


Aginity Pro asks the Hive Server 2 at runtime for information regarding table, column and other data dictionary details.  It is designed to expect JSON as the format the Hive Server 2 returns and sets that variable behind the scenes at run time.  

If you get a message such as this.


It is because the Hiver Server configuration is not allowing Aginity Pro or Team to modify the variable at run time.  


One can workaround this problem by allowing Aginity Pro to set the property for the hive.ddl.output.format variable at runtime.

"" is the property name at customer hiveserver2-site via Ambari or in the xml file.

This change requires a restart. After restart of the services, a new Aginity Pro session will allow you to set the properties at runtime.

The lines below are exactly what needs to be added.



More Detail

The article below talks more about setting server variables at runtimes.

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