Administering Users in Aginity Premium


Once you have installed your Aginity Team server, you need to set up users. To do this navigate to the Administration menu item as shown below.


Click the button Manage Users and sees list of users.


As Admin could need create new user, so you should click on the 'Register New User'  and fill out the form as shown below.


When choosing the role of Admin vs User reference this table below for differences in functionality.

Once you have created users and you need to common tasks as described below you will go back into the Administration Menu and click on the three dots “…” to the right of each user row. This will pop open an edit menu as shown below.

Post Install

Disabling Users

You can choose to disable user which will not allow them to login but will not remove any of their catalog information or query history.

Resetting Passwords

To reset a password you can choose the Change password which will prompt you to enter and confirm a new password.

Edit User

If you need to Edit any registration details such as name or role you can do that here.

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