Writing your First Query


Each tab in the Aginity application can be set to a different database connection. Once you establish that connection as shown below you can use the query panel like a text editor using SQL syntax specific to that database platform.


Once you write your code in Aginity Pro you have options to run it using the following scope:


Execution Type Description
Run at cursor When executing the query it will run the statement where the cursor is place up until the semicolon
Run all parts of the script in a sequence Each statement in the window will be run sequentially and the output of each statement will be shown in the output and if the statement was a SELECT then a results panel will be displayed
Run entire script as a batch  
Abort Query After executing a query you can direct Aginity Pro to send a request to the database to cancel the query.

Note one of the greatest challenges in SQL is learning the different functional syntax from different database vendors. We are trying to make that easy by giving you links to the SQL reference manuals we support.

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