Using the Database Explorer in Aginity Premium


The Database Explorer panel in Aginity Premium can be toggled by using the Database Explorer and Catalog tabs on the left-hand pane of the application as shown below. The Database Explorer is used to navigate database objects based on the Connections defined in Aginity Team. The Catalog browser is used to navigate SQL Analytics that you have personally stored.

Below is a quick start video of using the Database Explorer in Aginity Premium


Viewing the Database Object Tree

Once you have established a connection to a database you can browse the database catalogs. You can toggle to the Database Explorer browser by clicking on the tab as shown below. The database catalogs typically contain the tables, columns, views, and other database objects available to query from the query panel.

Browse the Database Catalog

Once you have selected the Database Explorer tab you can drill into each connection as shown below.

Browse the Database Catalog


Currently, you can do the following quick actions from the Database Explorer


SQL Statement Generation

To generate typical SQL statements from tables or views you can right click on the object, navigate to scripts and choose the appropriate script as shown below.

Browse the Database Catalog


Selective SQL Generation on a Set of Columns

To generate SQL statements based on a selection of columns within a Table or View, multi-select the columns by holding Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) and selecting the columns as shown below. Then generate the SQL statement.

Browse the Database Catalog
Make sure you don’t have the table name selected and column names at the same time.
If you do it will generate the SQL for the whole table.

Drag and Drop Capabilities

You can drag and drop any object from the Database Explorer into the Query Panel

Double-clicking expands the DB Explorer tree

Copy JDBC Connection String

If you select any Connection (Top level of the tree) and select “Copy Connection string to Clipboard” you will get the full JDBC URI which is helpful for debugging. See this Knowledge Base Article for help with debugging your Aginity Team connections.

Browse the Database Catalog
Follow the link to get more info about database object support by platform.
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