Connecting to Your Database

We created this topic to simplify your journey through the Connections section. Check out our guides to fine-tune your Aginity.


How to Connect to Your Database 

1. With Aginity, you can connect to your favorite database platform and analyze data from it with minimum effort. Please, choose from the list below.

🔎 NOTE: If you need to connect to Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora, please, select Postgres connection type.

2. You need to manage the JDBC driver for a successful connection. We have an article on   with more information on how to do it.

3. You can easily Import and Export connections.

4. With the Pre-Execution Script feature, your administrators can set certain conditions for a connection to run as a script before users start a session. 

5. See a video 🎥 tutorial below.

🔎 NOTE: When you are using Chrome, we don’t recommend to save credentials for the Aginity Premium. It can lead to Chrome autofilling username and password in connections.



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