Query Autocomplete & Snippet Support

We have implemented cross-database autocomplete supporting several database platforms. Autocomplete has three capabilities:

  1. Display any words on the editor screen from above where your current cursor is
  2. Display SQL Syntax like SELECT, WHERE, FROM all the way to database platform-specific functions like CASE, DATEDIFF or CURRENT_DATE()
  3. Display the database, schema, table, column as you are typing


To initiate just the database browser which shows database objects plus snippets hit the Ctrl+Space button otherwise as you type if auto-complete is supported it will automatically popup.


Snippet support

We have pre-wired some special snippets within the editor as well to make writing SQL simpler. The table below details those snippets that are currently available.

Snippet Action
selall will generate generic SELECT FROM
selwh will generate generic SELECT FROM WHERE
upd will generate an UPDATE statement
ins will generate an INSERT statement
del will generate a DELETE statement
expf will generate a generic export to file statement


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