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Connection to HDP 2.6 with knox



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    Aleksander Vinokur

    Hello MAIF,

    Please follow the instructions by the link below:


    Let us know if it works for you.



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    Eli Weine

    The above article is only accessible for Amp subscription customers, however we have pasted the contents below:

    Knox queries fail quickly with a HTTP Response code: 500 error

    Hive queries fail quickly with a HTTP Response code: 500 error in Knox, but if you send the query directly to Hiveserver2 the query works.

    This is likely because the size of query being sent is larger than default replayBufferSize.


    You will find something like this in the gateway-audit.log:

    dispatch|uri|http://<hostname>:10000/cliservice?doAs=dav|success|Response status: 500

    Change your topology to contain the following parameter in the service that is having the issue.


    For example:


    The Value of the replayBufferSize is in KB and has a default of 8KB. Make sure the value is larger than your largest query size in order to get past this issue.

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