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Can't connect to redshift


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    Aleksander Vinokur



    Could you please your send full system information? Please follow these steps:
    1. Select from main menu: Help -> System Info...
    2. When System Information dialog appears, click "Copy to Clipboard" button
    3. Send it to us support@aginity.com

    Could you also provide the Workbench log file after reproducing the issue? Please follow the next steps:
    1. Go to Help menu -> Show Log file.
    2. Scroll to the bottom, hit enter enter enter, then type 'START' enter enter enter, and then save the log.
    3. Do the thing that is causing trouble
    4. Attach or send us the log (preferably as a .txt).

    This will help us try to isolate exactly what is happening when you experienced the problem.

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