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Error reading schema list : Permission denied for relation pg_user



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    Aleksander Vinokur

    Hello Supriya,

    Please touch base with IT support of your company in order to get a select permission on all necessary system objects.

    Regards, Alex.

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    Supriya Thigale

    Hi Alex,

    I can grant permissions to all system tables. Granting access is not an issue.

    But i would like to know which all system tables does Object Browser need and why since I do not face this issue with any other tool to connect redshift ?



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    Aleksander Vinokur


    Unfortunately, we have no access to any Redshift cluster at this moment.

    Please, use the menu Help - Show Log File in order to find all the system objects used by Aginity Workbench.

    Regards, Alex.

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    Supriya Thigale

    Thanks a lot Alex. I figured it out with help of logs

    It refers pg_user and pg_database to check which permission user has to view specific databases

    select d.datname as dbname,  -- 0
           d.oid,                -- 1
           u.usename as dbowner, -- 2
           pg_encoding_to_char(d.encoding), -- 3
           obj_description(d.oid, 'pg_database'), -- 4
           d.datallowconn        -- 5
      from pg_catalog.pg_database d
      left join pg_catalog.pg_user u on u.usesysid = d.datdba



    To load objects in databases,  it uses

    select c.relname,      -- 0
           c.oid::bigint , -- 1
           d.description,  -- 2
           u.nspname,      -- 3
           '',                         -- 4
           ts.spcname,     -- 5
           uo.usename as ObjectOwner, -- 6
           c.relnatts,     -- 7
           c.relacl,       -- 8
           c.reldiststyle  -- 9
      from pg_catalog.pg_class c
      join pg_catalog.pg_namespace u on u.oid = c.relnamespace
      join pg_catalog.pg_user uo on uo.usesysid = c.relowner
      left join pg_catalog.pg_description d on d.objoid = c.oid and d.objsubid = 0
      left join pg_catalog.pg_tablespace ts on ts.oid = c.reltablespace
     where lower(c.relkind) in ('v')
       and lower(u.nspname) not like 'pg_temp_%'
       and c.oid not in (select distinct dep.objid -- exclude autogenerated tables
                           from pg_catalog.pg_depend dep
                          where dep.deptype = 'i')

    Post answered

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    Thomas Koshy

    Alex, some of our users are getting this error also. It works on old Windows version 4.9.*, but not on any new PC or any Mac version. It gives this error java.sql.SQLException "[Amazon](500310) Invalid operation: permission denied for relation pg_user_info;"

    We would rather not give any access to system tables if we do not have to. Any idea why its working in some versions without allowing this access and not all?



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