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Need IBM Fix Central link for ODBC\OleDB drivers

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    Aleksander Vinokur

    Hi Ashish,

    Aginity does not supply Netezza ODBC or OleDb driver. Please, go to official IBM web portal for this purpose.


    Regards, Alex.

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    Vince Rapp

    same issue for me

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    Aginity Support


    To get the ODBC driver from IBM fix central, please follow the link 


    and perform the below steps.

    1) Click the Find Product Tab.

    2) Type "Clients" and choose  "IBM Netezza NPS Software and Clients (PureData Systems for Analytics)" from the drop down.

    3) Choose the NPS version for your appliance (if you don't know, please ask your DBA).

    4) Choose your Netezza platform (if you don't know, please ask your DBA).

    5) On the Identify Fixes screen choose Browse.

    6) Look through the hotfixes and find the exact version of NPS you have or the closest to it.

    7) Click on hotfix link.

    8) You will be requested to login or register a new account. If you already have account, then please provide your credentials or create a new account.

    9) Select download via HTTP.

    10) Download and install the file that contains windows client for netezza. The file will look like nz-winclient-[version of netezza].zip  Install instructions can be found here.

    This archive contains odbc drivers and other windows client files.


    Aginity Support Team

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    John Quinn

    I went through this, which is great, but, you'll get an error on the actual transaction of download if you don't have an in place support agreement. I requested HELP from the failed transaction and got a ticket number with explanation of being Joe Blow doing a POC Eval, please help me. We'll see if I get the ODBC/OleDB drivers for Windows. Meanwhile, I'm now going to try Eclipse. 

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    Ashish Kalia

    same issue for me.

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