Temporary Tables disappears

Hi we met at NZUniverse Boston. I am from CIDC/Everest Poker.

We love your product but have a major issue. Any temp table we create gets lost in few minutes. This is not an issue in winsql

So: Conenct to netezza database. creat a temp table:

create temp table t__1 as
select ac.id, substring(p.code,1,2) property_id,
row_number() over (partition by ac.id order by p.code) row_seq
from eva_affiliate_property ap, eva_affiliate_contact ac , eva_user u, eva_property p
where ac.affiliate_id = ap.affiliate_id and ac.user_id = u.id and ap.property_id = p.id
and ap.status = 'approved';

wait 5-10 minutes DO NOT DISCONNECT...
running select * from t__1 will say table not found.


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