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Aginity Pro



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    Emily Jenkins

    Hi Yechiel,


    We just released a new version of Aginity Pro today that contains the abort query functionality. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!



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    Mondrowitz, Yechiel

    Hi Emily,

    It seems I can't download the newest release of Aginity.  Our Symantec virus protection software identifies this as a threat.  Here is a screenshot I get when I try to install it.


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    Eli Weine

    Hi Yechiel, you can create an exception in Symantec to allow you to download Agnity Pro by following the below steps:

    After Symantec deletes the file, right-click on the line below and you will get a small popup window that says Exception. Left click on that and then it should let you install it the second time around. 

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