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Error while opening Aginity Pro



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    Jeff Schlitt



    So sorry you are having this issue.  We are actually seeing this with about .5% of users and are actively trying to figure out why.  Long story short what we do know is that the H2 database under the covers of our application which stores connection inforamtion, query history and catalog items got corrupted.  We believe why this is happening has to do with a process that did not get shutdown and still had a lock on that internal database (h2) and then when you open it creates a second connection and gets corrupted.

    I am going to open a ticket for you so we can work directly with you and then also for anybody in the community you do have one option to work around this problem in the short term if you encounter it.


    Option 1 - Reinstall Aginity Pro

    1. Uninstall Aginity Pro by deleting it from your applications folder on Mac or using Windows "Add or Remove Programs" in Control Panel.
    2. On Mac, navigate from Finder to ~/Library/Application Support/ and rename aginity-pro directory to something like OLD_aginity-pro.  This way we can keep it if needed.

    If on Windows go to Windows Explorer and do the same thing but in C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Aginity directory and rename aginity-pro to OLD-aginity-pro
    3. Reinstall the product which should create a new version of the database that is not corrupted.

    4. The main issue with this approach is you will lose Catalog items and your connections.  In the newest version of our product you can Import/Export catalog items and we recommend doing that regularly.  


    We will be building a knowledge base article shortly on this issue and will hopefully have answers real soon and the solution to it.


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    Luis Gonzalez

    Thanks for starting to work on this issue, Jeff. I have reinstalled Aginity Pro and I am still getting the same error. For reference, I am attaching a screenshot with the detail of how it looks

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    Luis Gonzalez


    Turns out, I had missed one step while reinstalling which was to rename the old AppData/Local/Aginity folder. I retried installing and then renaming this folder and then I was able to make it work.

    As you stated, I lost my saved connections, but I will re-create them now.

    Thanks for your help


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