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    Jeff Schlitt

    Aashish, Thanks for trying out Pro.  Over the next few months we continue to add more and more IDE features to the Pro/Team platforms.  The two features you mention opening query sets (nwqs) files and upload files to Redshift are not yet enabled in Aginity Pro. 

    Couple of options for you.  The nwqs files are ASCII files so if you want you can open them in Workbench or other editor and then copy and paste them into Pro.  Once you do that you can save the whole query to the Catalog or parts of queries as you see fit.  We will be adding Open SQL files on 9/30.  We do releases every two weeks so are rapidly catching up.

    As far as the data upload wizard that is also on the roadmap but not yet slotted.  For now I would recommend using WB for that function until we have it in place in Pro.  If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!  If you need any additional help or questions feel free to reach out and I'd be happy to spend 30 minutes giving a tour of the application!



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