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    Sergey Polshvedkin

    Hi Sergey,

    First of all, thank you for your proactive position - your posts are very valuable.

    Be aware we share our community ideas with our Engineering Team.

    We let you know that a roadmap has all this stuff and will be implemented after several releases, according to release plans.




    integration with github is in a backlog, but not a high priority as of now


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    Sergey D

    The practical and useful feature will be integration with GITHUB or other source code versioning services. As database development goes into cloud, tSQL and DDL source code ubiquitously stored remotely. 

    Instead of reinventing a wheel wasting energy on the Aginity Pro Catalog feature (which is, in my humble opinion, useless due to limitations described above) 

    Check this out: DataGrip and GitHub: Step-by-step Integration.

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