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Pressing Abort Button twice crashes Aginity Workbench



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    George L'Heureux

    Hi Ryan,

    George here, from Aginity's product team! I'm sorry to hear that you're having that issue. It's not something that I've experienced but it certainly isn't the experience we'd like you to have. Regardless, I'm glad the problem isn't too much of an issue for you.

    You may have heard that we've discontinued support for Aginity Workbench for Redshift - as such, we won't be making fixes to this software in the future.

    However, don't despair - Aginity Pro exists, and it supports Redshift! I'd love to recommend that you download and install Aginity Pro, and start using that instead - we update it every two weeks and its got a great modern editor and tremendous code reuse features.

    You can download it at http://www.aginity.com/aginity-pro.

    Thanks for being a part of the Aginity community!


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    Ryan Attard

    Hi George,

    I followed your advice and downloaded Aginity Pro.

    It seems to have better features (SQL history, fun tab names, etc).

    However, it seems to be missing a really important feature (correct me if I'm wrong), the one where you drag a column to group the query result with.

    Is this feature missing or maybe I need to enable it somehow? 

    Thanks in advance.


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    George L'Heureux


    I'm glad you're using and enjoying Aginity Pro. Have you checked out the Aginity Active Catalog yet? It is a great way to use pieces of SQL to build more and more complex and useful scripts.

    As for the feature you mentioned, that isn't yet present in Aginity Pro - but we do have that in our backlog feature set. We've heard from a few individuals that this would be useful. We're prioritizing it against other features and figuring out how to make it as useful and effective and simple-to-use as possible.

    Keep an eye on your in-app notifications and on your email and we'll let you know when it's available.

    Thanks again!


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